Corporate restructuring, bankruptcy

What we can do for you

  • Assistance to companies and groups of companies, as well as their creditors, managers or shareholders, in the context of procedures for the preventionor treatment of company difficulties (ad hoc mandate and conciliation / safeguard, recovery and judicial liquidation)
  • Restructuring of debts within the framework of procedures for the prevention of difficulties (in ad hoc mandate or conciliation)
  • Offer to take over asset or activities of companies undergoing insolvency proceedings (in a sale plan before the Court or before the bankruptcy judge)
  • Drafting and defending before the courts, in conjunction with the company and its financial advisor, plans for the settlement of liabilities in the context of safeguard or receivership
  • Claims declaration, claims assertion and defence of creditors in the event of disputed claims
  • Defence and representation in litigation related to insolvency proceedings (directors’ liability, payment of liabilities, management ban, etc.)
  • Enforcement of the liability of judicial agents or administrators

Examples of what we have done for others

  • Negotiation and drafting of restructuring and refinancing protocols, in the context of procedures for the prevention of business difficulties (in ad hoc mandate or conciliation, before the CCSF and/or under the aegis of the CIRI)
  • Support and preparation of a “ prepack sale ” in the context of a conciliation, implemented in judicial liquidation with continuation of activity
  • Resumption of activities (up to several thousand employees) or assets of companies in receivership or liquidation, before the Court or the bankruptcy judge
  • Assistance to companies or creditors in the context of disputed claims or claims for damages
  • Liability of an administrator in the context of the execution of a takeover judgement
  • Assistance to companies that have been the subject of safeguard or reorganisation proceedings with a view to adopting a debt adjustment plan
  • Defence of excutives in litigation involving their liability


Caroline Varlet

Partner, lawyer