Public law, public affairs

What we can do for you

  • Elaboration of strategies, structuring and presentation of public investment files, realization of complex infrastructures​ within the framework of PPP type projects, concession or delegation of public services (in particular, investments in sensitive sectors, rescissions and regulations, regulatory decisions, state aid, etc.)
  • Development of strategies and monitoring of litigation in the context of public procurement contract or challenges to administrative acts of a regulatory nature; monitoring of litigation relating to authorisations to occupy the public or private domain of local authorities
  • National and European legislative and regulatory monitoring
  • Development of strategies, drafting of white papers, studies, arguments and legislative or regulatory proposals
  • Structuring and presentation of complex regulatory authorisation files (in particular, investments in sensitive sectors, rescripts and regulations, regulatory decisions, state aid, etc.)

Examples of what we have done for others

  • Advice and assistance to a Regional Council and a maritime passenger transport company in setting up legal and fiscal structures, under private and/or public law, and their financing with a view to the acquisition of a new vessel
  • Advice and assistance to a private company, owner of maritime passenger transport vessels, in the context of the continuation of a public service delegation after a change of control of the delegated company
  • Legal studies for local authorities on the establishment of legal structures, under private or public law, in the context of the development of port and maritime transport infrastructure projects and the acquisition of rolling stock
  • Advice and assistance to a local authority in the context of an action for annulment before the administrative court of a telecommunications infrastructure project
  • Advice and assistance to a leading eco-organisation in the framework of the law on the fight against waste and the circular economy, and more specifically, on the repair and reuse funds
  • Assistance to a world leader in its sector in order to change the applicable legislation in the field of tax consolidation in the context of a receivership or judicial liquidation of a holding company set up during the acquisition of a company by LBO
  • Assistance to a group of professional federations in the implementation of the electronic waste recycling scheme (WEEE) and the ecotax


Olivier De Chazeaux

Partner, lawyer