Corporate finance

What we can do for you

  • Creation of companies (articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, regulatory declarations)
  • Drafting and negotiation of pre-acquisition documentation (e.g. letter of intent, mandate, term sheets, offers, promises, etc.), both for listed and non-listed companies
  • Drafting and negotiation of acquisition or disposal documentation (e.g. partial contributions of assets, mergers, transfers of businesses, transfers of shares, asset and liability guarantees, shareholders’ agreements), in coordination with Harbour Avocats ‘ expertise in labour law, tax law, competition law, intellectual property, personal data, etc.
  • Management of takeovers of companies in receivership or liquidation
  • Management of regulatory issues relating to the stock market and finance (foreign investments, AMF, Euronext, etc.)
  • Management of post-sale issues (e.g. declarations, including tax, guarantee calls)
  • Management of legal disputes relating to the transfer or reorganisation of companies, drafting of procedural documents and pleadings

Examples of what we have done for others

  • Counsel to the majority partners in the sale of a group of company day care centres to one of the market leaders
  • Consulting in the framework of th constitution of a group specialized in open air hotels
  • Assistance in the acquisition and disposal of aircraft for a market leader company
  • Assistance to a French company in the drafting, negotiation and sale of its Tech business to an American company
  • Board of a group specialized in energy in the context of the acquisition of sites specializing in the production of renewable energy


Sandra Corcos

Partner, lawyer