Information technology, personal data

What we can do for you

Information technology / Digital economy

IT Transactional: Definition, structuring, securing, negotiation and follow-up of commercial agreements (e.g. licensing, support, maintenance, administration, hosting, integration, deployment, distribution, cloud, business contribution), both from a supplier and user perspective, B2B/C

Digital media: Organisational/contractual support (e.g. T&Cs, GTCs, legal notices) of e-commerce sites, intermediation platforms and other actors of the digital economy (e.g host vs. publisher, social networks, intermediation), securing inherent responsibilities, management of user complaints

IT expertise: Assistance during judicial or non-contradictory expertise, evaluation of associated technical and legal risks

Data protection / Privacy

Compliance: Audit of processing, structuring/securing of international data transfer/sharing schemes and associated responsibilities (data controller/processor), management of rights ownership on files/data, analysis/management of “product impacts” (e.g. apps, connected objects, websites, Big Data, cloud), RGPD compliance

Contractual: Personal Data Charter/Clause (employees, customers, suppliers), Information Technology Charter, data collection, sale, rental and transfer forms (e.g. standard contractual clauses, BCRs)

CNIL interface: Management of relations with the CNIL (e.g. information requests, data breach notifications, opinions, authorisations)

Examples of what we have done for others

  • Assisting US and European companies (semiconductors/microcontrollers, genealogy, medical devices, telecom operators, model agencies, app publishers, industrial tools, biotech) in their RGPD compliance
  • Assisting a French company (software solutions/mobile TV patches over IP) in structuring/negotiating IT contracts and distribution schemes (licensing, support, maintenance, integration, implementation, deployment, VAR/OEM)
  • Representation of a French company (video hosting platform) in securing its LCEN status and litigation (copyrights and related rights infringement, unfair competition)
  • Representation of a French branch of an English insurance company before the civil and commercial courts (warranty calls in the IT sector); Review of the coverage and exclusions of the “Information Technology“, “Marketing & Communication“, “Business & Management“, “Media” and “Personal Data” and adaptation to the operational pitfalls of the markets concerned; Legal training sessions in these areas
  • Assistance to French subsidiaries of American and Bulgarian companies (security/cloud software, business process management and data flows) in the localization of standard B2B/C contracts; Key Account Negotiations; Securing the “Personal Data” impacts inherent to the products; RGPD compliance


Anne Perrin

Partner, lawyer