Competition Authority: its roadmap 2020

In addition to the topics covered in 2019, the Competition Authority announces that it will focus on the following issues in 2020
  • the impact of the digital revolution on the financial sector, through dematerialised financial services, fintechs, blockchain technology and the arrival of digital giants in payment services.

  • Taking into account the requirements of sustainable development and in particular the environment. In particular, the Authority will participate in the joint reflection undertaken by the Regulatory Authorities Group on the integration of the environmental imperative into the work of the regulatory authorities. It will also develop its thinking on the links between competition law and the environment, for example by targeting infringements of competition law that also involve environmental protection.

  • Compliance by professional associations, orders and unions with competition rules. In 2020, the Authority will publish a study on the application of competition law to these actors. It has chosen this topic in anticipation of the entry into force of the ECN+ Directive, which will have to be transposed in 2020 and which will expose associations, trade unions or professional bodies to much heavier and dissuasive sanctions.  This study will make it possible to educate and warn actors about risky behaviour.

More generally, the Authority intends to promote compliance more widely. In this respect, it will lead a specific working group whose objective is to identify, together with companies, the most effective policies and best practices in terms of compliance.